What Our Students Say

The material covered by TLC is so valuable—not just for future directors, but for anyone interested in their own spiritual growth and in healthier relationships with those around them. It has expanded my idea of what prayer is; deeply impressed on me my need for slowing down and for regular retreat; opened my heart and mind fully to what I can learn and glean from Catholic ministers and authors; fanned the flame of creative expression as worship and more. In a way it has been an integrating force in my life, pulling the threads of my upbringing, early adulthood, and more recent years into something that makes sense and encourages me to keep going deeper with God.”

Beth W.

Libertyville, IL, Cohort V

I have often been driven by tasks, accomplishments, and performance. This class has been a window into my soul and shown me a different way to experience God, see myself, and interact with others. I find myself operating at a slower pace. Communing with God in all of life and not just during set times. I am seeing myself differently and as a result, seeing others differently. I have learned to listen in more meaningful ways and am hearing what people are really saying as I help point them to God. I have been given tools to try new and enriching things. I feel more secure in a deep, profound, and slower way with my relationship with God. 

Jonathan N.

Pastor, Kansas City, KS, Cohort V

My passion is to help people find their way home to God’s heart and to their own heart. I came to TLC expecting that this ministry of listening and mentoring would be enriched.

While I did indeed become more skillful in coming alongside of people in their spiritual journeys, the life-giving spiritual transformation that happened in my own soul has been the greater gift. God used my time at TLC to change my life.

Nan M.

Chicago city leader of I-58 mission with The Navigators

I found the TLC staff and curriculum to be Christ-centered, high quality and a huge part of my spiritual formation.

In a world of noise, distractions and so much clamoring for my attention, I am immensely grateful for TLC helping me to learn to listen for God and His gracious Kingdom in myself and others. They helped me realize a gift within I was made to share.

William S.

Oak Park, IL, Cohort I

I signed up for TLC with the sole purpose of becoming a better listener to my grown kids and my husband. Just a few weeks into this wonderful program, I found myself better able to listen to God, to myself and to anyone in my life – from my husband and children to a brand new acquaintance.

I may or may not ever practice as a Spiritual Director, but I will carry my transformation as a listener for all of my days.

Deb W.

Lincolnshire, IL, Cohort III

I do think there is such a need for these skills especially in today’s world, and I also think it’s a gifting that some people might not realize they have but could really benefit from learning a bit more. Mostly, I think there is a depth in our spiritual lives that is largely unexplored in our churches today, and what a joy it is to know that these levels exist! TLC gave new found hope to a relatively dry season spiritually for me. I kept thinking that there must be more than what I was experiencing, but could not quite figure out how to get there. TLC gave me a roadmap that allowed for different avenues to get to our final destination.

Hanna N.

Kansas City, KS, Cohort V

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