Character Reference

PLEASE NOTE that filling out the following form may require some time. We recommend that you consider typing your responses in another application first, then copy and paste those responses into this form when you are ready. We do not recommend starting this form and stopping the process before completing it, or leaving and coming back to it later. When you submit your reference, please wait for the automated response that will appear in place of the “SEND” button. If you see “Thank you for your reference. It has been sent”, then your submission was successful. If you see “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later”, there was a technical problem in the process and you need to either resubmit your reference or contact us directly.

You have been asked to supply a character reference for a person seeking admission to the TLC program. Please answer the following questions and submit to TLC. A response is required on all questions. Alternatively, you can download an MS Word version of this form using the button, fill it out and email it to us.

How long have you known the applicant?

How well do you know the applicant?
Very WellWellNot Well

In your comments, please take into consideration the applicant’s: Maturity, emotional stability, integrity, interpersonal relationship skills, tolerance of differences, ability to accept and act on constructive comments and suggestions, self-discipline including ability to complete tasks, achieve goals and potential for leadership. Also, include any knowledge you have of the applicant’s spiritual journey.

What have you observed to be applicant’s greatest strengths?

What have you observed to be applicant’s greatest weaknesses?

Other Comments

You may provide additional information regarding this applicant here:

Your Recommendation

I recommendI do not recommend

Thank you for your time and careful consideration in completing this form.

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